Who the Hell is Matt Sawyers


As  of June 2013, the site needed to be updated as the Twitter API is out of date, so it was no longer working. I’ve backed up the collected data, deleted files (something like 50,000+ files…) and redirected the domain to this project page. Maybe there will be a next time 😉



I’m fairly sure this a self-explanatory website. But to give you an idea of how this all came about- I found another “Matt Sawyers” on the net and was like ‘Who the hell is *this* Matt, so that’s when I had the idea to establish that 😉 The site updates every hour and keeps an index-able history of my Tweets. While Twitter keeps the last some 2000 tweets I’ve been told (I think it’s drastically less than this though). So this site does it for me. It also has a link back to the projects page, so it’s just another “about me” in a sense.

Who The Hell Is Matt Sawyers      Socially


In addition, WhoTheHellIsMatt.com (Who the Hell is Matt) & WhoTheHellIsMattSawyers.com (Who The Hell is Matt Sawyers) redirect here as well.



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December 28, 2013