Web-Based Pet (Dog) Rescue Database

A self-hosted, PHP/MySQL web-database application for keeping vet, animal records & adoption applications

Idea Description

This web-based application would allow shelter volunteers & employees to add dog (or animal) records to a database, volunteer information, adoption information, adoption applicant, vet records, etc. It’s important to note that this application should be PHP/MySQL based so that it can be installed an nearly any shared-hosting account to reduce the cost for the shelter to operate the web-application

  • Research Progress 100% 100%


  • Self-hosted, Web-based
  • Multiple logins
  • Separate records for dogs + vet info, volunteers, adoption applicants, etc.
  • Photo upload for dog record
  • File upload for vet records
  • Fairly easy to use (not complicated, such as using SQL commands, etc.)

Optional Requirements

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Reports export/print


Note: This project has been researched extensively before it was added to this website.

09-15-14 Update

I am excited to say that I have begun constructing a valid option and it matches all the required, as well as most of the optional requirements (reports won’t be done until later). This database is well on its way at this point. I am working with a Texas-based dog rescue that is allowing me to use them as a test base. At this time, I believe I will be able to offer the database for free to non-profits. If they want customizations, then that would be an added fee, but still at a greatly reduced flat rate like I mentioned before.

05-20-14 Update

Found a Windows application called AppGini, which might be capable of easily creating the database, then using a CRUD frontend.

Anything already available?

There is another option out there: Shelter Manager. However this is not Apache based, making it harder to self-host.

This database would eventually be offered to shelters free-of-charge or at a very low, one-time charge. At least that is the goal. Having worked along-side shelters, especially the smaller ones, funds are hard to come by especially when it costs $30-$50/month to feed one large dog. And I understand that. $50 would be a good price point in my opinion maybe upwards of $100, but definitely not over $150.

Anything Open-Source?

I have not found any valid open-source projects.

I found an application called “Bilt” however, its developers seemed to have abandoned it. Which is incredibly sad. Because it was the closest thing to give us a chance to making this project become a reality. I personally do not have the experience to further develop the project, due to my lack of knowledge in dealing with the Symfony framework that it is built upon.

The same developers that created Bilt have created an open-source project management software, called

qdPM that uses the same framework and nearly works the same. And it seems via their support forums that this is still an active project. I’ve considered “bastardizing” the web application to fit my needs, but It’s still a workaround, no really a solution. They also offer qdPM Extended which has some added features for $195. Which still could be done, but wouldn’t be guaranteed to work… for my vision… In any case qdPM & qdPM Extended use the Symony Framework v1.4, which is outdated. Symfony 2.4 is available (as of 05-19-14) and concerns me regarding security…. so… the search continues…

UPDATE: 01-25-15 Bilt seems to have shut down completely. Bilt link, now links to the sourceforge project.

Using MySQL

It is possible to create a database in MySQL using PHPMyAdmin then using a CRUD interface to work with it, however, this is not a definitive solution as I haven’t found a CRUD application (paid & free) that could work with multiple users (at least 3: admin, user, guest)