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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! It’s what my life runs on (and the sites I create). I’ve had a love to coffee since around 2004. Upon falling in love with a Barista, coffee has been on my daily menu since then. And from there I went from a $8 frapacchino down to just a black coffee. Of course I haven’t stopped there. I’ve had to try all kinds of coffee beans that I could get my hands on AND the methods for brewing them.

I was desperate one night at the office and wanted some coffee. So I headed down to break room to grab some coffee and what I tasted there, was nothing short of what tasted like burnt caramel popcorn. I nearly puked. I realized my fiancee had turned me in to a coffee snob…and I won’t deny it.

So from then on I began bringing ground coffee to the office. Bringing in a new coffee each week. So the cabinet in the break room is always stocked with fresh ground coffee (for the average person) and the ability to make a cup or a pot of coffee. The whole point of this? Well maybe some one will find the comfort in coffee during stressful times as I have for some many years.

And like I normally do, anytime I come up with a project or idea, there’s a website to go along with it, hence:

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May 27, 2014