Texas TravelGrounds


Texas TravelGrounds is the grandchild of several of my ideas balled into one. Basically I had a project in school that I stared called “Deep in the Heart of Texas” which was a set of videos that gave a quick look into some of the best food outlets in Texas.

I then decided to do that on a local basis Рprovide a directory of businesses on the website where people could rate the businesses & leave reviews (this was also back before Yelp became popular). The site also had the advantage of supporting itself by making a proposal to businesses (with free listings) to upgrade their listing Рwith the ability to be notified when reviews were made on the website, upload photos & video (possibly shot by myself);  change amenities and business hours, etc.

After doing some business with a few Texas-based RV Parks, I decided to take this same concept and change it to only RV Parks & Campgrounds in Texas. The site will also have a companion mobile app for users with web-enabled smartphones.

Texas TravelGrounds is a work in Progress.



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January 1, 2014