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As of 08-17-13. The site was hit by spam bots creating ten’s or thousands of spam links per hour. I had to lock it down, which had the unfortunate side effect of rendering the landing page useless. However, by using the bookmarklet, it works just as easily.

This is a companion site to Matt’s Snips & Tips. It shares nearly the same domain name. While the Snips & Tips reside at, the URL shortener resides at What is a URL shortener? It is the ability to shorten a very long link (say 40 characters in length) down to a very short link (9 characters in length). This is good for using with mobile devices. This link shortener is also unique in the fact that it contains a QR Code generator. I needed the ability to view sites on my mobile device without having to e-mail myself the links. This simplifies the process greatly.


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December 28, 2013