Evernote Clone - Synology Note Station

A place to write, keep, upload & index notes

 Idea Description


Evernote is cool, if you got $50 to keep track of your notes… I’ve gone from written notes, to typed notes, to drawing digitally on an iPad. But honestly, I’ve found it so much easier to open up a notebook and draw or write. Or course it easy for entry but once you get past one notebook of notes it becomes hard to organize (at least for me) I could use Evernote, probably would be the easiest, but I want a self-hosted option.

  • Research Progress 100% 100%


  • Self-hosted
  • Tagging
  • Searchable notes (search text, tags & categories). Super important got to be able to find what I’m looking for.
  • Categories (likely used as a general tag)
  • Adding notes would be nice if capable of being done via mobile, but not required
  • Browse/search on mobile.




A few years back, I obtained a Synology Station & one of the built in apps is Note Station. Note Station meets all the requirements I set out initially. Not to mention all the added benefits of the Synology Station. A close second would be Apple Notes for Mac, iPad & iPhone. Notes has the ability to convert written text on an ipad or iphone into searchable text similar to Evernote. While Note Station does not have the ability to convert text in images, it has the ability to add tags to images or notes making indexing not too terrible. Note Station has apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC,& even Chromebook. It’s really hard to beat.


This project has been put on-hold (but read below on what I did find) after an exhaustive search and the need for a stable platform. I ended up paying for Evernote as it auto-recognizes the test in my notes (or it at least attempts to recognize it). $50/year isn’t too bad, for now…

I used an WordPress install with a basic single-column theme. I used the GMedia Plugin to display my notes (after taking photos of the notes with my iPhone’s phone). The one major drawback was the the image’s & gallery’s metadata was not tied into the WordPress Core’s search engine. Therefore tagging, categorizing & searching is basically pointless. I tried other plugins to see if they would pick up the metadata; however, this failed. On the plus side, there is an app that the developer made so uploading images from iPhone or iPad was very easy. I do plan to watch for an update to GMedia Plugin if they eventually add a search function that works.




Considering a photo gallery-cms type of install.

Initially didn’t want to go with WordPress; however, this would seem to be the easiest platform to setup on. But need to explore all options.