Six weeks ago Jenn & I found out about the Victoria Texas Food Co-Op – Bountiful Baskets. Every other week, we go online to contribute ($16.50) and by the following Saturday we get our “basket” of fruits & veggies! This week we had a record high of 70 baskets, so the overall contribution was large & thusly are baskets were quite bountiful!

Now, my title says “week 3” which is the 3rd time we’ve done this, not the 3rd week it’s been here (in case someone was wondering)

We of course did the “convetional basket” but there are also addons each time. This week we had 8lbs of Strawberries for $12.50 & 40lbs of Organic Oranges for $18.00

Here’s a list of the items that were offered this week:

[lts_list icon=”tick”]

    • ORGANIC Original Sweet 9 Grain Bread – 5 loaves – Contains Wheat. Baked in a facility with nuts. (Max 5) $12.00 ea
    • ORGANIC Coconut Oil without scent (more processed) – 1/2 gallon expeller pressed in a glass jar (Max 5) $18.50 ea
    • Assorted bread pack (2 loaves savory 9 grain, 2 loaves english muffin bread, 1 baguette) (Max 5) $10.00 ea
    • Original Granola 28 oz. -Ingredients: Oats, honey, almonds, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, salt, natu (Max 5) $10.00
    • Guacamole Pack – Hoping for garlic, jalapeño, yellow onion, lime, lemon, avocado. (Max 5) $8.50
    • Strawberries – 8 – 1 Lb clamshells – from California (Max 5) $12.50 ea
    • Rhubarb – 4 Lb. Product of Washington (Max 5) $6.75 ea
    • Organic Valencia Oranges – Approx 40 lbs – Product of Mexico (Max 5) $18.00 ea


Be sure to click through the photos above to see what we got. There is about 2 lbs of bananas that didn’t make the photo…

If you haven’t heard about this yet & are looking for a good source of food for you and/or your family, you should check out Bountiful Baskets Online you can also visit the Facebook group for the local area here.