This is a ongoing list of 100 goals that I started several years ago. Some of the items have links that link to – post or websites relating to my work or completion.

  1. Graduate from College (2009)
  2. Own my own business (2004)
  3. Shoot (video) a wedding. (2005)
  4. Shoot a documentary. (2005)
  5. Shoot (photo) a wedding.
  6. Climb Mt. Everest/ Mt. Fuji
  7. Complete a Half-Marathon (2008)
  8. Complete 5 Half-Marathons
  9. Complete a Marathon
  10. Create a website that averages 10,000+ unique visitors a month.
  11. Have a national newspaper highlight something I directly took part in or interviewed by reporter of article. (2010)
  12. Go to Film School
  13. Become a Cinematographer
  14. Drop my weight to 250 lbs.
  15. Drop my weight to 220 lbs
  16. Create 25 Webpages.
  17. Develop a fully working website for
  18. Redesign as
  19. Shoot (video) a Real Estate video
  20. Work on the set of a reality TV Show as a Production Asst. (2010)
  21. Work on the set of a TV Show as a Production Asst. or Grip. (2010)
  22. Work on the set of a Movie as a Production Asst. or Grip.
  23. Work on the set of an currently broadcasting TV Show as a Productions Asst or Grip.
  24. Work on the set of a high-end TV commercial as a Production Asst. (2010)
  25. Work on the set of an indie movie as a D.P.
  26. Professionally shoot (video) a firework show (2010)
  27. Help develop an iPhone or iPad app.
  28. Travel to Alaska (2007)
  29. Travel to another country (2008)
  30. Live in another country for more than 9 months.
  31. Visit Argentina again.
  32. Shoot a commercial video in another country. (2009)
  33. Directly help 500  users with their computers within a year’s time.
  34. Go to Pastry School
  35. Sky-dive
  36. Open up a pastry shop
  37. Buy a house
  38. Ride a train from the seat of the diesel engine car.
  39. Take a helicopter ride
  40. Shoot Video from a helicopter.
  41. Determine where socks go after they go into the laundry basket.
  42. Hike up a volcano
  43. Visit the islands of Tokelau

…100. Change the World