I took Kinsey last night to PetSmart to have her pick out some treats, namely because 1) I was feeling nice, 2) I was hapong something could freshen up her breath and maybe 3) clean her teeth.

On a side note, I love taking Kinsey out in public. As old as she is (13 human years old), she loves seeing people and loves being pet by others. It’s always nice to see that little extra jump in her step.

It took her awhile  but I was finally able to get her to pay attention to the treats I was holding (she kept sniffing everything on the floor). She ended up picking a bully twist by True Chew. I’m not a fan of Bully Twists as they usually reek. But surprisingly It didn’t; however, it was expensive – $7 and it lasted he less than 2 hours. Looks like Amazon has them 5 for $20. So I guess I might se them again…