I came across this Companion Planting guide on Pinterest, but it was really too low of a resolution to read. So with a little research I found that it was created by the Afristar Foundation. The Companion Planting Chart shows which plants should be planted with other plants and what plants may not be such a good idea to be planted next to each other. The reason that this is helpful is that some plants will take all the nutrients depriving other plants of the much needed nutrients. On the flip side, if you are growing Cabbage, it’s a good idea to plant thyme as well, since thyme can deter insects that eat Cabbage plants.

They also have some other pretty cool posters offered that you can purchase, including the one above for about $7 USD. That is a straight conversion from the Rand to the US Dollar, but I did notice this little blurb below the shopping cart:

Foreign sales, please enquire individually for pricing, as shipping will vary to nic@afristar.org

I’ve sent an email to them to see what it would cost to get one here in Texas, I’ll update this post when I find out.

Here is a gallery of the other posters they offer, click on them to enlarge (or right-click & open image in new window/tab). Do note, that these posters are intended toward the South African audiences. However, I believe several of these posters are relevant to everyone.