The SodaStream has been around for years and it’s one the more popular ways to make at-home carbonated beverages. And one of the most popular questions regarding it: is it cheaper than buying soda at the store? Well it can be if you get name brand soda. But personally, in the past Jenn & I had bought HEB soda which meant that it was cheaper to purchase the soda at the store. It may not be as convenient, but definitely cheaper. (of course I never factor the unit cost [the machine] into the cost per creation [soda]. I see it as a “convenience fee” for the unit). Either way I used our soda stream to make carbonated water and then would add lemon/lime crystals to the water to make a natural flavored water.

About 3 months ago, Jenn discovered La Croix carbonated water beverages. (She had previously told me she hated carbonated water with flavoring and no sweetener). But for whatever reason she liked these Flavors. Ironically this worked out perfectly for me because for some reason, my body was beginning to reject sugar alternatives & glycitols (sugar alcohols) such as Aspartame, (in HEB soda) Xylitol, Sorbitol & Erythitol for example. So at the time I was mostly drinking black coffee, iced coffee or iced tea (too hot for hot tea at the time ;-) ). Anyway we started buying a bunch of cases of (expensive) flavored water. Last month I discovered SodaStream’s Water Essences: 3 – 40mL Bottles (apparently flavors 20L of water) of Lemon/Lime, Orange & Raspberry. It says to add 1 tsp per liter of carbonated water, but I ended up adding about 1.5-2 tsp. I personally like the lemon/lime flavor the most and wanted to see if I could get a bigger bottle or a set of 3 of lemon/lime, but the only ones I found were 40 Bucks for the 3 mini bottles!! WTH?

I realized that I had gotten Capella Flavors in the past (thought I could flavor lip balm that way, I was wrong) and checked out their site. There are SO many Flavors now! So Jenn & I decided to buy 9 Flavors to try out… Well 7 of them came as a set – the Summer Seven set. We got Passion Fruit, Juicy Orange,  Grapefruit, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Hibiscus, Crispy Bacon (WTF, right?), Cantaloupe, (those are the set), Lychee & Double Watermelon.

The flavors say to add 1 drop per fluid ounce. As for the flavors I’ve tried so far, 2 drops per fluid ounce or 80 drops per Liter have worked well for me. So far I’ve tried Double Watermelon (basically the candy watermelon flavor), Cantaloupe & Juicy Orange. Juicy Orange wasn’t strong enough for me so I’ll have to try it again, but I’ve really enjoyed the other flavors I’ve tried. I recommend giving a try if you drink carbonated water or want something to help you consume your daily water intake.

I hope to make my own carbonated water in the near future, so I can stop paying for the stupid SodaStream CO2 refills.