About Matt Sawyers

This blog was created from a New Year’s Resolution I made for 2013. I initially started it on Tumblr, had some issues & decided to move it here and use WordPress. So you will find almost a post-a-day or some weeks I’m busy and I have to play catch-up, yet still a post that sums up my day or something that happened on that day.

Most of my life I’ve held back my opinions and true feelings about different subjects (not to be vague or anything) so here you will find me on my soapbox from time-to-time, reviewing apps or products (possibly brutally) or just commenting on life.

Matt Sawyers – Bio

Matt Sawyers was born and raised in Victoria, Tx. He attended St. Joseph High School and graduated in 2004. Four months after graduating high school, he began his own production business named, MSProductions while attending Victoria College in the Fall of 2004. For two years, Matt attended Victoria College, shot school events, high school football games & wedding videos.

In 2006, Matt moved to Waco, TX to attend college at Baylor University, majoring in Film & Digital Media. During his three years at Baylor University, Matt lead numerous video projects – documentaries (Century of Teens & Portraits of Victoria,) promotional videos (ILS:Rome & Omega Kids) and started a episodic show called “Deep in the Heart of Texas”

In 2009, Matt attended NAB as an intern production assistant for the daily video production crew. Three of the videos that were created went on to win three Telly awards. In August of 2009, Matt Sawyers graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Digital Media and a Minor in Marketing

In October of 2009, he volunteered over 95 hours during the Austin Film Festival in Austin, Texas and in November he taught over 20 girl scouts during a workshop about the creation of a short films & filming techniques.

Currently, Matt owns his own production business – Color Box Media (previously known as MSProductions), and award winning design & marketing business. In his spare time he writes on his blog here, works on his projects and is the editor of the The iPhone App Blog.

To view Matt’s Resume, click here. Or to view Matt’s Portfolio click here. To view the Projects Matt is currently working on click here.