For the most part each time I go to Olive Garden, I do not have a problem. Ever since Jenn & I went on a diet and started cooking at home almost every night, we’ve become quite critical of how food tastes when he go out to eat (but that’s another story for another day…) What I mainly want to write about here is- how food looks…

To preface this I realize this is not the job of the waitress to inspect this, but the chef, or namely the person expediting the orders should see all the plates going out and make sure they look “great”…

Here’s Jenn’s dish:


I’m guessing the tomato “sprinkles” was supposed to be a top garnish in the center, but someone failed at that, but furthermore, the plate is dirty! Not dirty as in “old food” dirty, but as in the is tomato juice “splashed” around the rim of the plate. A plate’s rim should be clean.

My dish: soup:


Someone was maybe in a hurry that they couldn’t wipe off the dish?

To me, this just shows laziness in my opinion and is discouraging to see this from the local Olive Garden. :(