Lost Item Recovery

Increase your chances of recovery your keys, wallet, PC, etc.

Idea Description

One weekend while spending it in the The Woodlands, spectating the Ironman, I somehow managed to loose our car keys. (literally one of three pair of keys on my carabiner, the car keys were the only ones to “disappear”). I immediately realized that I could “fix” this from happening again or maybe improve the chances of getting my keys back in the future.


Offer a freemium tiered service. Anyone could create their own “item” page. However this would mean that they would have to list their information directly on the site. However the website would not be indexed by search engines. (at leas this would be requested of search engines). The user would have to create their own tag. Assets to do so would be provided.

For the first tier the user. They would have everything the free user has, but in addition they’d have a contact form on the page, so that the visitor could get in touch.

The second tier would have everything the first tier had, plus a forwarding email address, allowing quicker access while still concealing the item’s owner private email address.

The third tier, would include everything in the second tier plus they would get a forwarding phone number & also a keychain or other tag with the information needed to return contact owner. In knowing that time is essential when you loose your keys (having been there…). So then when the item is found, the person calls the toll-free number and enters the pre-defined extension which is then forwarded to the item owner’s phone number seamlessly.

Now there is a high likelihood that these premium tiers would be condensed down at some point.

  • Research Progress 20%


  • Should be easy to register/login/log-out and fill out a profile.
  • Capability to “register & activate” a keychain or badge.
  • Subscription-based payments


Dynatag has a product and it relatively low cost however; their pricing model it “buy tags & have it for life” My only issue with this is that it’s not sustainable in the long run and QR codes really aren’t as recognizable as a phone number or a website is.