Evernote Clone

A place to write, keep, upload & index notes


Idea Description


Evernote is cool, if you got $50 to keep track of your notes… I’ve gone from written notes, to typed notes, to drawing digitally on an iPad. But honestly, I’ve found it so much easier to open up a notebook and draw or write. Or course it easy for entry but once you get past one notebook of notes it becomes hard to organize (at least for me) I could use Evernote, probably would be the easiest, but I want a self-hosted option.

  • Research Progress 100%



  • Self-hosted
  • Tagging
  • Searchable notes (search text, tags & categories). Super important got to be able to find what I’m looking for.
  • Categories (likely used as a general tag)
  • Adding notes would be nice if capable of being done via mobile, but not required
  • Browse/search on mobile.




This project has been put on-hold (but read below on what I did find) after an exhaustive search and the need for a stable platform. I ended up paying for Evernote as it auto-recognizes the test in my notes (or it at least attempts to recognize it). $50/year isn’t too bad, for now…

I used an WordPress install with a basic single-column theme. I used the GMedia Plugin to display my notes (after taking photos of the notes with my iPhone’s phone). The one major drawback was the the image’s & gallery’s metadata was not tied into the WordPress Core’s search engine. Therefore tagging, categorizing & searching is basically pointless. I tried other plugins to see if they would pick up the metadata; however, this failed. On the plus side, there is an app that the developer made so uploading images from iPhone or iPad was very easy. I do plan to watch for an update to GMedia Plugin if they eventually add a search function that works.


Considering a photo gallery-cms type of install.

Initially didn’t want to go with WordPress; however, this would seem to be the easiest platform to setup on. But need to explore all options.